Titles? How do we pick?

Are titles picked before the book is written, during the process, or at the end? Does it magically appear and everything falls into place? Does someone else accidently name your story for you?

So many questions, I don’t know which is the right answer? Any help would be extremely beneficial here.

I think by the time you got your closing chapter, your title just emerges. It is like an obvious becan of light, shining down on your little story.. Or it could be as obvious as a song blasting in the background on repeat and until you acknowledge it, it will not turn off..

I made the m mistake of picking a title before I even had a character and I felt like I was stuck to make the story fit the title… I got 2 chapters in and tossed it.

I guess the one thing I do know, is never allow yourself to be blocked into anything as a writer. Freedom invites creativity.


Until Next time,

A. Serrano

Hello!! And Welcome To My Corner!

Hello my fellow Bloggers! Yes this is my first entry, but no it is not my first blog.  About 10 to 12 years ago I had one with around 1000 readers.  So I’m not a newbie, but its been awhile, so I’m a little rusty.

I have created this space for me to sort through my drafts and writing material. I want to finish my manuscript and submit it by hopefully the First of the year or so… Round about. give or take a month.. lol.

I’ve always been on the creative side, with jewelry making, scrapbooking and acrylic painting, then went to digital art and photo manipulation. But writing has always been with me since elementary school. I’ve always loved to write stories, but I would just never finish them. So I am making it my mission to complete at least one manuscript and submit it to a publisher. I’m 40 years old, and need to finally finish at least one story!! And I decided to actually submit it to an editor and publishing house, well because what good is a story if nobody reads it? So I have nothing to lose by submitting it. No expectations, just a life experience to share.

Thanks for stopping by and come back daily for little tid bits from My Writing Corner!



Until Next Time,

A. Serrano